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STAR TREK Izdvojeno

Biografija: 2 of 4 Pack

Home region: Trailer park colony of  Boozer Prime
Education: Grade 5 Remedial School (but left to join the Bored State)
Marital status: Married 7 of  9 times
Parents: Both died of alcohol assimulation in the Bored State

  At an age of about six, she could drink a whino under the table. Then on board the deep space wessel 'Raveing', she drank herself  into the Bored State. Before she came aboard Voyeur, she served as Tertiary Adjunct to Multi-boozemix 01 within the Bored State.

  After Wrongway severed her link with the beer store, her drinking genes began to reassert themselves, thus provoking a sober-threatening withdrawal reaction from her Bored implants.

  Captain Wrongway decided to keep 2 of 4 pack on board, as it was Wrongway who was responsible for drying her out, with hopes she won't try to kill her for it. There's one thing the people on Voyeur can offer her which the Bored State could not:  Synthahol.

  Currently, she is assigned to AA.