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STAR TREK Izdvojeno

Biografija: Beta

Home region: Omyitsgone Beta science colony
Education: Starfeel Academy, outdated records to follow, expelled for non attendance
Marital status: married once and later divorced due to disinterest and useless parts  

Beta was the fifth and one of  the last models created by Dr. Betamax Sony. He was permanently de-activated when he was found by members of a get away team after the Crystalline Methamphetamine had drained the life force from the colony.

 The crew that had found him, inspired him to join Starfeel, and he was barely accepted to the Academy. He found the entrance exams well beyond his outdated Beta Brain but he soon discovered that his biggest problem was his lack of  VHS interaction, which he didn't quite understand. After a curriculum which included advanced training in video quality, and movie selection, he graduated to video stores with blockbuster failure in lousy sales probability and xafsability. After that, he spent three more years on a shelf as an ensign and 10-12 more in the garbage can.

 Beta discovered that he had a "brother", Gore, built with an inferior ethics program and originally disassembled before Beta's own creation, due to excessive killing sprees. Beta himself created an almost as short-lived Thetamax, christened Lalalala whose ownership had again been contested by Sony. The video overload she was exposed to in the livingroom environment jammed her unintended playing ability and could not process it adequately, so she "died" despite the best efforts of  Beta and Sony.

 After all Beta's years in Starfeel following de-activation, Geordi TheForger was the first to become a friend and accept him with respect as an equal to VHS.