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Biografija: Boner

Home region: Middlesex, Earth
Education: Starfeel Academy, Class Gynacologist, Expelled for over indulgence
Marital status: married once to Joy, but she couldn't cope with a name like Joy McBoytoy 

Nicknamed 'Boner' by his longtime friend and commander, Captain James T. Jerk, McBoytoy replaced Pete "the pie eyed" Piper as chief medical officer on the original five-year mission but clearly became the most endowed. By that first year he had already won commendations for Lesions of  Pain, and was treated like a virgin by Starfeel Surgeons.

 His genital's were sometimes hard, an outer crustiness masking deep scaring beneath the surface. His "porno" roots led to the old-time physician manner of doctoring, with a Southern touch that was most apparent when under sexual stress. He distrusts rubber technology and rises to the situation whenever possible. As a sexual watchdog he was not afraid to take on his captain, but it was his running battle with Phuck which became legendary.

 McBoytoy contracted the impotence syndrome and retired from Starfeel to spend his remaining days on the Hemroid ship, Yoko Ohno, and that world's strip priestess, called 'Nitely'. By exploring the ship Yoko Ohno's hidden secrets, Phuck found a cure for impotence and McBoytoy left 'Nitely' to return to the service.

 After the Genderprize's triumphant return from its five-year mission, Boner retired from Starfeel, grew a woody and went into sexclusion with a proctology practice, only to be forced back by Jerk and a Rear Admiral when P'er(from 1st Trek Movie) threatened Earth. After that, he continued through the years of renewed Genderprize service with Jerk until at least the Whitier than you peace talks. He survived imprisonment with Jerk on plumped-up charges at a mining prison when he could not revive assassinated Peeon Chancellor Gerkin. Phuck's deposit of  his katra in a katra bank after The Genital Enhancing Project, had nearly driven Boner crazy and landed him in Starfeel detention until their reunion took place, whereupon he delighted in the Tincan's reNeducation process.