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Biografija: Benjamin Disco

Home region: Travolta Town, Earth
Education: Starfeel Academy Graduate, voted class disco-dick-tarian
Marital status: Married to 402 year old singer Whitney, in Houston  

Binjammin Disko attended Starfeel Academy in San Francisco, the disco capital of the world. He danced rapidly through the ranks and was a Commander on the USS Tapdance when it was destroyed by the Bored. His wife, Whitney, was killed during a choking attack on a bong and he was left to bring up his son, Fake, by himself. For three years after the Bored attack, Disko was a soon to be forgotten man, years later being able to recover with the shattering loss of good rock, and or, roll.

  During this time, he worked at the Utoke Plant shipyards working on various strains including the prototype of  the anti-Bored bongship (the USS Ican'tfindit). He was reassigned to Deep Smoke Nine as it's commander when the Lardassians pulled out of  their occupation of  Pager. He negotiated an understanding with some lifeforms who live outside time allowing the use of the Bunghole in Paging space, he then became an important figure in Paged religon, The Megafairy. For the first two seasons, he commanded DS9 with the rank of Commanding Prancer, but in season three he was promoted to Captain Dancer.