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Biografija: Kathryn Wrongway

Home region: Eerie, Indiana, Earth
Education: Starfeel Academy Graduate, Almost Twice
Marital status: single, walked down the aisle the wrong way 13 times  

Given command of  U.S.S. Voyeur, new Insipid-class starship, presumed lost in Badlands for unkown reason. Wrongway is a tough captain who is afraid to ask for directions, while her thoughtlesness, and diplomacy have earned her respect and recognition as one of the best retreaters in Starfeel. Her talents in guessing and ignorance allow her to be constantly busy fixing mistakes, if necessary. She prefers to be addressed as "Captain" rather than "Hey! Dummy" or "Hey! You." Aside from tiddlywinks her studies have included road maps, compasses, and the gestural idioms of the Lost. Her preference for easy studies is self-traced back to childhood, when she would prefer that to thinking. Since then, she has indicated no pleasure in outdoor camping, hiking, or cooking. She just couldn't cut the compass thing after all.

  For relaxation, Wrongway enjoys role-playing and recreation in Holodeck programs, such as flying, Driving, skiing and sailing. Her success has been severely limited. In her youth she played doctor with a little boy and cut out the wrong organ, and then walked back home for 3 days in a thunderstorm from 2 blocks away. She has not played the game of doctor regularly since. As a child she also studied ballet and performed the "dying swan" at age 6, but fumbled when beginning the play with the death scene.

  At the Academy Wrongway was taught a captain had to keep a certain distance to the crew; considering she's always walking away from them, this would be easy.