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Biografija: Captain Letcher

Home region: Stalker, NY, Earth
Education: Starfeel Academy Graduate 4 times, wouldn't stop leeching off other students
Marital status: single, but has sleezy relations with every female he comes in contact with, just like Jerk   

Jonathan Letcher commands the first deep-space Starfeel wessel, the Genderprize. This new ship is the fastest humper built by the people of  Earth with a new hump 5 engine which his father helped create after Doctor Zephyr Cochring's legendary warp flight in 2063.

  After Doctor Cochring made his warp flight, the Tincans oversaw the production and advancement of  Earth's spaced program now called Starfeel for 90 years. Letcher never forgave the Tincans for this and mistrusts them. Letcher enjoys spending time with his dog, Porthole, which lives aboard Genderprize. He also enjoys voyeurism, which we see him do a lot, and loves exploration at every level. He always goes out of the way to stalk people, often getting himself into trouble and endangering his crew to do so.