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Biografija: Chuck Upchucker III

Home region: Pukesville, Barfingmore, Earth
Education: Starfeel Academy Undertable Graduate
Marital status: single, can't seperate himself  from his toilet bowl  

Charles Upchucker III often goes by the nickname "Hurl" and is the 3rd highest puking officer aboard the Genderprize, after Licking De'Pol.
 Hurl has been a good drinking friend of Captain Jonathan Letcher for a long time and was one of  Letcher's first customer choices for his new bar. He's mentioned several times that his favorite food is catfish on icecream, with ketchup.

  Hurl is a drunken southerner who has a bad sense of  humor and is always ready for the next fight. He enjoys going on benders to get himself arrested from time to time. Hurl and Lieutenant Malcolm Peed argue on many occasions, mainly over the booze and booze dispensing systems, or just about anything else booze related. Despite this, these two eventually learn to drink and spew together. As witnessed in "Sheetfaced One," Hurl is a very disoriented person, and Peed is very pessimistic and never "lowers his pants."

  Charles Upchucker is the first and only recorded case of a human male becoming pregnant while intoxicated, and half of the first human interspecies drunken, trailerpark trash couple.