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Biografija: Commander Yadontsay

Home region: Born on Planet x (Lardassian-Federation border)
Education: Unknown
Marital status: Won't Say
Parents: Son of  Sam, and Samantha  

A Native American descendant, this onetime Starfeel commander was resigned from his position as an instructor in Starfeel's Advanced Tactical Training in 2370 to join the Mock, we think. But, he won't say. Yadontsay is a gentle man but unsure of  himself, and is one of  the Mock's who are truly in the fight for ambiguity, and not mercenary gain or violent outlet.

  Yadontsay looks to his spiritual background for inner answers, and doesn't like sharing that belief  with others, even giving some good-natured beatings for asking, to Torres or Paris, among others. He uses a TV guide summoned by his medicine bundle, prays to speak with his psychic for guidance, and wears a mask for self-healing. With a mother suffering from ongoing dimentia, he is also reportedly an excellent mentalist, probably.

  Yadontsay's piloting skills trace back to who knows where. Tracing Yadontsay's past to the Rubber Tree People of Central America, proved impossible because they resisted the intrusion of  any society until the development of  the warp drive in the 21st century allowed them to leave Earth and find their own home for good. They have not been seen since. Ya don't say.