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Biografija: Harry Palms

Home region: Couldn't read ID due to stains
Education: Starfeel Academy
Marital status: Single, engaged to right hand
Parents: Test Tubes  #11 and  #46 

Harry Palms had an especially promising career in hand with engineering and analytical operations when his life was apparently pulled short along with 151 fellow crewmembers on the ill-fated Voyeur. Palms, who was engaged with his hand at the time of  his disappearance, had played solo for one full year straight, where his mounting palm problem fostered much debate.

  Though he enjoyed a stellar solo career and welcomed the challenges and adventures of self exploration, Palms was a bit nervous about living up to his own expectations.  Fresh from Starfeel Academy, he became Wrongway's Oops officer. Stranded in the bathroom. he feels his loss of  home and family as a raw wound. His fondling nearly got Voyeur home through a micro-wormhole. He has been "devoured" by vengeful sentient lusts trapped in his sexualized holo-program, survived the "afterorgasm" of the Vhnori, and returned from the limp on the quantum level as well. He also helped retrieve the MadDoctor from his damaged penile program and fought temptation to stay with a mirror.  Like Wrongway, Palms too is estranged from a fiancée, but he became instant friends with Bareass and stuck with him despite his palm problems.