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Biografija: Feelit

Home region: Pervax, a Talax mooner
Marital status: Single, has involved himself with many children
Parents: Ped and Ophelia

  Feelit is a jovial molester, a species of the Feltya Quadrant, whose wit and instincts have enabled him to elude the planetary police. Now he aids Voyeur's cause after coming aboard with an orphanage, from his home system. Although he gives his good-natured abuse to children, he has been invaluable in preparing fresh diapers from the flora and fauna of  this region in order to ration cloth replicator power.

  Feelit's chores as self-appointed "child morale officer" have run the gamut from personal counseling, to a private video program for the children, "A debriefing with Feelit," was daily. The latter led to his single-handedly tracking down the elusive prize, risking his life, but emerging intact after killing the impulses, in his quarters.

  Feelit has already confronted his past devils coming aboard, admitting altar boy service before the 2366 conquest of  his home planet Pervax. His main activity aboard is that of  the ship's kindergarden teacher. His childish adventures are not always appreciated, though. Especially his custom of delivering a spanking at each meal while it is served.  His Feelit Resort holoprogram, was immediately removed when found..

  Due to a transporter accident, Feelit and Twobucks merged into one person with his own identity, and own name: Feelit-for-Twobucks. He was soon accepted among the crew, but after much consideration, Wrongway opted to have him put to sleep.