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Biografija: Emergency Maddoctor Hologram

The Emergency Maddoctor Hologram (EMH) was designed by Dr Jeckyl with the assistance of  Mr. Hyde at the Jupiter Station Quackprogramming Center. The Doctor has access to potions of more than 2000 voodoo reference sources and the expertise of  417 witch doctors, which give him unparalleled lab experiment possibilities.

  His original function was that of a quack physician if the human chief medical officer went nuts. At first his medicines were rough to swallow, and his impatience with his patients did not earn him much popularity. Influenced by Lez, however, his curses gradually improved, and the extra limbs just dropped off on their own.

  Ever since Lez suggested he should find the perfect body for himself, the Doctor has been attempting to do so. He had settled for 'Frankenstein' once, but that name reminded him too much of  the loss of  his first body, so he abandoned it in a ditch.