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Biografija: Lick De'Pol

Home region: Tincan subregion called Condensed
Education: Starfeel Academy Graduate with honors for extraordinary tongue and cheeck capabilities, and winner of  the "Taster's Choice Award"
Marital status: Married to 420 year old KISS singer "Gene Simmons" 

Second highest rank of  the ship, she mainly acts as a taste officer (due to her 6 inch tongue), but many times takes on the crew when Letcher isn't around. Lick De'Pol is a Tincan Sub-swallower who was living on Earth for awhile when she was assigned to the Genderprize as a taster on their first mission.  The Tincans refused to give any aide, including their massive alien pant poles, unless the Genderprize had a taster aboard. De'Pol was assigned to be this taster.

 Captain Letcher was unhappy to hear that he was going to have a Tincan around especially Licking De'Pol, whom he blames for holding him back from exploding for nearly a minute. She has been known to tease other crewmembers as well. Lick De'Pol was originally assigned to the Genderprize for 6 days, however after completing her first tasting mission, to take a Peeon courier named Klaap to her quarters, Letcher provided De'Pol an excuse to stay aboard as an aide to the unknown territory known as fellatio, they are about to enter.

 De'Pol's licking and teasing annoys everyone aboard the ship, but people are slowly beginning to thrust her and get used to her different mouth structure. De'Pol would like nothing better, than to returm home to her husband for some extreme french necking.