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Biografija: Twobucks

Home region: Tincan
Education: Rearendi Academy, 2289-2293, Starfeel Class Accountant, Expelled for embezzlement
Marital status: married 2304, to T'Pel, Divorced 2305 for financial reasons  

Security chief and enforcer under Captain Kathryn Wrongway for unpaid loans. Earlier in his career Twobucks served on the U.S.S. Wy-oweme and was a bookie and numbers trainer at Starfeel Academy for 16 years before joining Wrongway's crew. In his youth he was an opponent of the Generation X - Peeon treaties but later came to see the wisdom of selling out to the highest bidder.

  In his personal life, Twobucks is a devoted penny pincher. Driving his wife into labor for 96 hours because he wouldn't pay for anestesia.