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Biografija: Major Diva

Home region: Somewhere on Pager
Education: Starfeel Academy Graduate but never accepted the call to graduation
Marital status: single, nobody will put up with her  

Major Diva is a former member of the Pagering socialite underground. She is now an outspoken critic of  the socially unaccepted on Pager. Having getting anything she wanted all her life, she was undoubtedly pissed off with the Lardassians when they invaded Pager, it has angered her to see the older leaders not bow to her petty whining. She has been trying without success to reach the Papparazzi of  Pager herself,  to air her grievances to anyone that will listen.

  So it is very possible she was sent by the devil to be the administrator of swelled egos at the spaced station simply to get her shrillspoken voice into earshot. Diva loathes everyone, and she committed atrocities against them in the name of vanity, some of  which try to kill her. But others in the Pagering socialite underground begin a new wave of self-indulgence and she is forced into a greedy quandary about tracking them down and bringing them to her parties. Some of  them consider her a ho or skank, behind her back.