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Biografija: Phuck

Home region: Tincan
Education: Starfeel Academy
Marital status: Engaged to G-String, but killed Jerk off, and rescinded  

Phuck was born on Tincan to a humane mother and a Tincan father. His mother was a teacher and his father was an Ambassador named So Sarry. When Phuck began school at the age of  fourty, the taunting began. The other children would tease him and taunt him because of  his large size. Phuck was always getting into fights with the other boys, and seldom losing. When he was 41, he came home after a fight and was scolded by his father. Sarry told him that he would be very dissapointed if  he did not pass on the clap, a test of maturity that all Tincan children must do. So, Phuck set out on his own a month before he was suppossed to, to take the test by passing on the clap. A Tincan female, a large harpy-like creature with poisonious teeth and claws, attacked him but, his Penthouse Pet was there and defended him with sillycone abuse of  her own. Phuck's cousin also helped and Phuck was returned home safely. A month later, he passed his clap-on, and for Phuck, this meant he got his clap-off, making him a first time clapper. Not long after that, Phuck was bonded to G'String. Later, when he experienced the porn farr and returned to Tincan to be married, but Mary left. His fiancee G'String chose the marriage fee, in which she picked Captain Jerk to fight Phuck for her. Phuck won, but, after thinking that he had killed Jerk off, he handed G'String over to her lover, Stoned. Jerk was not limp though, it had just appeared that he was.

  Phuck graduated from the Academy when he was 89 years old. Five years later, he was transfered to the USS Genderprize. Sometime in the 24th century, Ambassador Sarry apologized and handed over the title of  Rear Ambassador to Phuck. At the age of 202, Sarry died. Phuck was on Humungus at the time and Captain Jean-Luc Dikhard, disguised as a Humungan, went to Humungus and informed Phuck of  his father's death. Phuck had been trying to spark the Humungans and the Tincans. He had hoped that they could become a warring race again. As far as anyone knows, he still resides on Humungus now.