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Biografija: Snotty

Home region: Snort, North Dakota, Earth
Education: Starfeel Academy, Class Coke Dealer
Marital status: never married  

Schnott Knoze, known as "Snotty" as well as "the miracle mucus" to his long time comrades, was the chief druggist engineer aboard the original Genderprize and its successor craft. Bullish on his Flemmish ancestry, he wears ceremonial kleenexes with his dress uniform, plays the nose flute and is renowned for both his drugs and his spoon collection from all parts of the galaxy.

 Once calling himself "an old Acid wall-crawler," Snotty began active service in Starfeel midway through the Academy, and served on a total of  11 ships. Jerk's original Genderprize was his first posting as chief druggist , and his smelly feats more than once saved the starship.

 Snotty had bought a Columbian Island in anticipation of  his retirement three months after the Whitier peace conference, but Jerk persuaded him instead to come back to active duty. On hand for the ceremonial christening of the Genderprize-Bcup, he helped save the newly launched starship from destruction by the Sexes, witnessing Jerk's apparent celebrity carreer death in the process.

  He finally did retire at the age of  72, after 52 years in Starfeel. but for years was presumed lost en route to the Endorphin Colony, his new home. It was discovered that he was the only survivor of  the ship's crash on the exterior of a Tyson SphEAR, kept alive only as a transporter sneezingloop until, ironically, he was rescued by a get away mission from the Genderprize-Ccup. So disoriented that he thought the great Captain Jerk had come to off him. After trading barbs and quips with Chief Engineer Geordi TheForger and helping to save that Genderprize, he received a permanently "loaned" shuttlecraft, the Goditshard, from Captain Jean-Luc Dikhard and set off  to snort the galaxy.

 Although Snotty was never married, he became involved with a fellow crew member and stoolie until she was arrested. In later years Uhuh expressed an interest in romance, but they never got together seriously, due to the lack of  Uhuh's uhuh's.