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Biografija: Wart

Home region: Peeon Homeworld
Education: Starfeel Academy Graduate, with horrors
Marital status: single, he's got a huge wart on his forehead already!  

Wart is the son of  Mole. His natural parents died in a Humungan attack at the Kittylitter Outhouse soon after the alliance between the Generation X and the Peeon empire was formed. Then he was adopted by Sirgay and Helena Rozhenko. Sirgay was one of the Generation X's rescue team that arrived at the outhouse after the Humungan attack. Wart graduated from the Academy and was the first Peeon to enter Starfeel. Wart was assigned as zit control officer on board the Genderprize. He was promoted to Chief of  Skin Disease when the previous Chiefette, Nicefrom Far was killed. Later, when it was discovered that the outhouse was defiled, apparently by Mole. Under Peeon law, Wart had to carry the dishonor of  his father's stench. However, Wart learns that the real stinker was the head of the powerful Fumeass clan. Eventually, his outhouse priveliges are restored.

 Wart has a younger brother, Burned, and a foster brother, Nickonmyeye. He also has a son, Animaldander, from his mate K'car (a half-human, half-Peeon female who was later murdered by Fumeass). At the start of season four of  Deep Smoke 9, Wart is assigned to DS9 when the Peeon-Generation X alliance breaks down. Wart sides on the face of Generation X, and so Gowrong declares him a traitor to the Peeons once more.