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Biografija: Willhe Strikher

Home region: All-Lez, Alaska, Earth
Education: Starfeel Academy,

Commander Striker is the first cabin boy aboard the USS Genderprize 1701-Dcup under the command of Captain Dikhard. His mother died when he was two, after beating her, and was left to be raised by his abusive father Pyle Striker, who abandoned him when he was fifteen. An act which Striker held against his father.

 Willhe Striker graduated from Starfeel academy first in his class, by beating all the other students into subission.  Early on in his career, Striker was posted on Megahead where he became romantically involved with Deanna Troll. Willhe, a lieutenant at the time, chose a career over a long-term relationship with Deanna and so accepted a position on the USS Pottytrainer. He later was promoted to the executive officer position (commander) aboard the USS MyHood, under the command of Captain Robert DeSoto. Striker accepted a position on the Genderprize as first officer despite the opportunity to command the USS Fake.

 Some of  life's great opportunities have struck Striker many times. Such as the opportunity to posses Queer like powers, but Striker refused realizing that it was unsettling for his friends. Striker was one of  the fist officers to participate in the wife exchange program where he struck a deal with a white undershirt salesman aboard the IKC Pagh, a Peeon vessel. Opportunity knocked again for Striker when he was offered command of  the USS Airhed but he refused preferring to stay on the Genderprize. On one of  his many get-away missions Striker had a near brush with death when a jealous husband from Surata IV infected him with a virus that attached itself  to the nerves in his butt and made it's way to his brain, a short distance, threatening his life. Striker was once charged with the beating death of  his first wife on Tango IV but was released when a holodeck simulation proved that she had slipped on a banana peel, falling down the stairs, and accidentally impaling herself on the door knob accidentally, and had caused her own death. Willhe passed up his third opportunity to use a whip, but liked the natural feeling of  fist to face contact, during the Bored invasion. Soon after, he was given the field promotion to captain of  the Genderprize when the Bored captured Dikhard.