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Biografija: Uhuh

Home region: Swahili Land Somewhere
Education: Starfeel Academy Graduate twice, Once per breastesest
Marital status: single, remarkably, since NO is not in her vocabulary. Did you ever hear her say it?  

Uhuh served as one of  Ray Girls aboard the Genderprize on its original five-year mission, under the command of  James T. Jerk. It is not unusual to see her rewire or repair her own implants during a crisis.

 In Swahili the name of  Uhuh, translates to 'I Can't Say No,' and she speaks the teasing language fluently. She also has a beautiful swallowing like voice and was known to entertain members of the Genderprize crew, accompanying herself on the Tincan harpy. Uhuh has shown some romantic interest in Snotty, but it was never pursued. After her memory was wiped by the space probe Noman, using the Ecstasy Drug, Uhuh spent considerable time releasing the huge pieces of silicone the probe had destroyed.

 Uhuh served at Starfeel Command on Earth after the reassignment of the original Genderprize, where part of  her duty was to give lectures on Saying No. Prior to the Whittier peace conference, Uhuh returned to her former post at the request of Captain Jerk.

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